Beauty Castle Salon Home Waxing Service Dubai

All of our waxing is performed to the greatest possible standards. We select superior-quality wax that is soft, effective, all-natural, safe, and nice to the skin. Our professionals can delicately remove all those bothersome hairs, leaving you with skin that is clearly softer, smoother, and more elegant. Waxing, which eliminates hair from the root and provides a longer-lasting and cleaner finish, is superior to shaving, which just cuts hair and only lasts for approximately a week while also causing in-grown hairs.

Full Arm Waxing

60 AED

Half Arm Waxing

30 AED

Under Arm Waxing

20 AED

Half Legs Waxing

50 AED

Full Legs Waxing

100 AED

Bikini Waxing

100 AED

Full Body Waxing

300 AED

Front Waxing

50 AED

Back Waxing

50 AED